Friday, November 11, 2011


I confess: I take a lot of things for granted.

Like my oven, for instance.

When I made a special trip earlier this week to Fresh Market for red bell peppers and organic zucchini and those gigantic mushrooms, I pictured myself drizzling on the olive oil and garlic and pepper, sliding that tray into the oven, and I was thinking, mmmmm, roasted vegetables.

So I did all that. And not two second later, there was a sizzle, a boom and a blast of light.

Once my heart settled and I dared place my hand on the oven door handle and pull, I found withered vegetables with a gritty grey coating of something that probably causes cancer, or at the very least, a stomach ache.

Out with the vegetables, and in with the repairman.

Of course the repairman was busy with other jobs and couldn't come for a few days. And when he did, took one look and said, Sorry, lady, we can't fix this. Get yourself on down to Lowe's for a new one.

Which I did.

But guess what?

Apparently this is the worst time of the year to get a new oven. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, everyone is getting a new oven. And because my kitchen is so darn special (read: outdated), it's not like you can just roll out the old oven and insert a new one. There will be cutting and sawdust involved. Which means....

it's not going to happen for a while.

Which REALLY means... no turkey for Thanksgiving. No sweet potato casserole. No cornbread dressing.

And I have 27 people coming!

(Not really, but I did think about saying that, just in case it moved me up in the service queue.)

And yeah, I know: it's not really a disaster -- there are a multitude of other eating options.

But it is an inconvenience. Because we do use the oven A LOT around here, for things such as these:

(Just so you didn't think we were all vegetables around here. :)


  1. Hi. I just found you because of your Gee's Bend post. The fastest and best way to get an oven right away is at Leed's Flea Mall, or Lewie's on 31st St and I-59 or at the Habitat Store. (We just did this as tornadoe survivors)
    I am so excited to find an author of stuff I like in my own back yard. Will you email me?

  2. Oh, cornmeal and a skillet. I know what that's for. Lovely!

  3. Oh, you poor thing! Good luck. (And don't you just love those decadent Ghirardelli iced brownies?!)

  4. Oh no! Sorry about the oven disaster. Our microwave died a few days before Thanksgiving last year, and while not as catastrophic as having the real oven die, it was indeed inconvenient. Sigh.

  5. Oh, dear. I can just imagine your face while pulling open that oven door! I'm glad you don't really have 27 people coming. Hope it all gets sorted out soon.

  6. Y'all just come to my house for Thansksgiving, bring the twenty seven people with you, the Good Lord knows I can feed them... Dinner is at noon, :)
    You know I'm serious, right!

  7. Oh no! That must have been quite a shock! It's amazing how much you can do even without an "essential" tool.

    Hope you get your brand new, state of the art, oven soon.


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