Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As many of you know, I love to write family stories. And, ever since LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE,  I love to read them too.

So, for Book Talk Tuesday, I thought I would share about a few new titles I've read in recent weeks:

JUNONIA by Keven Henkes.

It's a quiet story about a turning-ten-years-old only child named Alice who's looking for a junonia shell during her family's annual trip to Sanibel Island in Florida. Some kids might not have the patience for it, but put it in the hands of your avid readers and see what happens. See Eva's Book Addiction for a complete review.

 WITH A NAME LIKE LOVE by Tess Hilmo. 1950's Arkansas. Ollie is the oldest daughter in a preacher's family who stumbles upon a murder mystery. You get the tent revival lifestyle without in-your-face religion. Booking Mama has a really nice review.

ICEFALL by Matthew J. Kirby. Solveig is the middle child in a Viking-like family  -- and yes, here's another murder-mystery. I bet you won't figure it out. :) READ THIS BOOK. Fellow Tenner Kirby had me with his first novel A CLOCKWORK THREE. This one is even better. Don't believe me? Read the review at Fuse #8.
WORDS IN THE DUST by Trent Reedy. For readers who like to be transported, this book is for you. I was fascinated by Zulaikha's struggle to find her place within her family in Afghanistan. It also provides an "other side" view for those who question America's role/efforts in that country. Check out the review at Madigan Reads.

What family stories have you read lately? And for more book reviews, don't forget to visit Kelly at the Lemme Library for Book Talk Tuesday.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I recently loved Linda Urban's Hound Dog True and Mo Wren, Lost and Found, both with compelling family stories for middle readers, and lovely, but not in your face, attention to language.

  2. Oh, just wanted to chime in here and say I loved Tess's book With a Name Like Love. Thanks for these others! I'm off to check out Icefall.


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