Friday, December 23, 2011


The holiday season can be a tough time. All that family togetherness brings its own brand of stress, and then there's the painfulness of not being with the ones you love.

And then there's the introvert who finds parties and caroling and the go-go-go nature of the season exhausting. This poem is for those people:

Breakfast of the Birds
- after the painting by Gabriele Minter

Curtain opens,
day after Christmas:

birds perch
like ornaments

on snowy branches,
feast on given

seed. She holds
her applause,

recalls yesterday's
fury of paper

and ribbon,
all the scripted

Would take her

leave, if not for
this intermission.

- Irene Latham, from THE COLOR OF LOST ROOMS

For last year's offering, see my post that includes "Love Poem with Christmas Lights" in print and video. And don't forget to visit the gracious, talented, lovely Doraine for Poetry Friday!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Irene, Your poem is quiet and beautiful. I love discovering the drama of this woman's life between the opening of the curtain and the idea that the birds are the intermission that she lives for. And thank you for the link to your last year's poignant poem. I've been there, too.

  2. Don't know if I would classify as an introvert, but wow, do I love this poem. I'm trying hard to be slow and still and enjoy the quiet parts of Christmas. I'm going to print this poem out and read it again and again. I also loved last year's poem, especially seeing you read it on You Tube.

  3. So beautiful, Irene. Yes, I understand the need for those quiet moments. I have been known to just disappear from the lovely madness,escape to the bedroom, shut the door, and feast on the scene outside my window. I posted your link in the linky thing. I had major issues trying to get inlinkz to work this time, and the option doesn't seem to work nearly as well. Enjoy all the poetry. Have a wonderful Christmas. Find a few moments to open the curtains and breathe.

  4. lovely poem. i think i'm a boderline intro-extrovert: i *want* to enjoy the holidays with all the festivity everyone else seems to enjoy, but then it would mean missing all the quiet beauties. seasonalis paradoxismus, i suppose.

  5. I love this poem and it's nice to see it with one of my favorite paintings in the world. I still have a fantasy of walking through that museum with you, with paper. Best wishes for your holidays, with all its hues.

  6. Thank you for all the loveliness, Irene. Hadn't seen that painting before, and your poem is PERFECT.
    I'm definitely an introvert, and thrive during intermission.:) Have a beautiful holiday!

  7. So serene and lovely (just what everyone needs right now). Happy Holidays, Irene!

  8. I love it, Irene! Peace to you and yours.

  9. It's such a beautiful poem, & fits me well. I am such an introvert & lose energy this week with all the company. The painting reflects your poem so well. I know it's supposed to be the other way around, but still... Merry Christmas in its quiet moments, too!

  10. Introvert... wouldn't know the meaning of that word :)
    I'm the person that makes introverts need that intermission
    Have a great holiday my friend

  11. My favorite thing about this season are the solitary walks in the cold and dark early morning, when the world is mine alone.

  12. I love the phrase "scripted squabbles" - amidst the "fury of paper and ribbon" I hope we find the time to just embrace the quiet - the glorious quiet.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  13. yes! I love this one. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! Birds too!

  14. Thank you, Irene. This poem itself is an intermission from the scripted squabbles. This season is turning out to be a hard one....


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