Sunday, March 18, 2012


We're a family of introverts, which means we generally like things quiet and peaceful -- and visitors are a very big deal, especially when they come in quick succession!

It started last Sunday with cousin Adam (2nd from left) who is exactly 10 years older than our oldest (not pictured):

Then my mom came...  with her two foster kids Madison (who picked an azalea blossom for me) and Brayson (who likes anything that GOES.)                                               

And THEN came two of my favorite writing friends, Jana Hutcheson and Pat Weaver, both from Florence, Alabama.

We talked shop (well, writing), ate a ton of food (Pat never comes empty-handed and left us with a full fridge), shopped at some thrift/consignment stores, and just had a really lovely time together. Love you, gals! Thanks SO MUCH for coming.

And now it's just us again. We're all in our separate corners today, doing the things we love best. The kids are being especially lazy, as it is SPRING BREAK in these parts.

I'm off to pick up PANDEMONIUM, as the library sent me an email Hold Notice. Woohooo, it's finally my turn!

What's this (spring) week hold for all of you?


  1. Sounds like fun! Sorry I missed out, love the picture though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a nice weekend & I understand about being an introvert. I however had my son & family here this past week, both weekends because they skied in the middle. It was both a wonderful & a crazy week. This coming week, the one at school before our spring break. Busy with planning. Have a great week, Irene.

  3. Loved seeing you and the boys... all of them I really think Birmingham has more pollen than Florence.... been sneezing all day today but that didn't keep me from going to the barn

  4. Thank YOU for letting us come! Can't tell you how much I needed that! It was perfect!


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