Thursday, March 22, 2012


So you're going to be on tv. How exciting! And nerve-wracking, especially if you are of the introverted type. All those lights! The pressure!

But. YOU CAN DO THIS. (If I can, anyone can.)

And since this is fresh on my mind after last week's appearance on Huntsville's WAAY-31, here's some tips to make your tv appearance the best it can be:

1. Get there early. I know... those morning shows are ALREADY early. But seriously, give yourself an extra 15 minutes to find a parking space, get through security, and acclimate yourself to the studio and the news anchors.

2. Sit up straight. And if there is a table in front of you, pull yourself up close. This prevents a frumpy middle and makes you look eager and confident.

3. Tame that hair. You know that saying about the camera adding 10 pounds? Well. It does the same thing to your HAIR. So, don't delay: use hairspray. Or a barrette. Or simply a nice, neat tuck behind the ears.

4. Wear teal. And if you don't own teal, any other jewel-tone will do, so long as it is a SOLID. Just avoid busy prints and solid black or white.

5. Bring your own prop. I have a 16 x 20 in. fiberboard poster of my book cover (with stand). And my Ludelphia doll. I usually bring both with me, then depending on the studio set-up, choose the most appropriate one.

6. Look at the interviewer, NOT the camera. I know. It's hard. Because the camera is RIGHT THERE. But trust me on this.

7. Be steady. If you are cutting your eyes to and fro or shifting a lot, it makes you appear jittery, or worse, untrustworthy. (Maybe NEXT tv appearance, I'll get this one right! SO HARD.)

8. No "Ummmms" allowed. Seriously. Even rambling is better than an ummmmm. But also avoid rambling. It helps to read over your talking points before you go on air.

What? Don't have talking points? YES YOU DO. It's the soundbyte important stuff you want people to remember about your book. Think elevator pitch, funny comment about why you wrote the book, signing details, web address. Stuff like that.

9. SMILE! People will forgive you all your mistakes if you look happy to be there.

And that's it! Please leave other advice (and bloopers!) in the comments.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Irene. Though I have never been on TV my husband has several times. If I could add something it'd be : Don't get flustered by the questions asked. Remember you have all the right answers, you are the expert.

    Swagger Writers

    1. Oh, that's a good one Gina! BE CONFIDENT. This is also where talking points help. You can always steer a question back to your talking point.

  2. can I bring my dog???? no rambling??? can I talk without rambling?
    the hair thing is a problem... you know how my hair hates me
    teal.... hummmmm no prints YIKES I guess I'll need to go shopping with you and Jana again and let y'all direct my buying away from the "bag lady reject" outfits
    I know you did great. Wished I rememebered to watch it.

    1. You should totally bring Lexie on tv. Let her do her "auburn" trick. :)

  3. Is it online somewhere? I'd love to watch it.

    1. Doraine, I haven't been able to find the tv spot online. That probably a GOOD THING>

  4. I agree with Doraine, I'd love to see it too! I'm sure you were a big hit! I doubt I'll ever be famous enough for TV, but thanks for the tips! : )

    1. Linda, you just NEVER KNOW. I never thought I would be on tv either! (And really, best not to think about such things. Just WRITE.)


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