Sunday, April 15, 2012


Except for some speaking engagements, I've been very ostrich-like this month, working hard to complete the first draft of a new novel.

Which is why I didn't know about Montevallo Art Festival, which was yesterday, at beautiful Orr Park, on a gorgeous April day. Thank goodness my son loves art and adventure as much as I do, and was SO SWEET to text me with pictures and a commanding, "you'll love it, you gotta come!"

And so I did. (To those who have heard me preach about Living a Life Worth Writing About: me dumping the computer and ignoring the day's word count in a favor of an experience is a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about this.)

Some of the art exists in the park year-round:


Don't you love those faces?! And here's some of the art I bought:

egg-shaped gourds that have been painted and designed with a wood-burning tool and will be gifts

another funky art-piece gift (for a funky art-boy)

a colorful music-themed art gift (for a colorful music-boy)

...and a fun life-motto (for a non-status quo boy)

As if that wasn't enough art for one day, oldest son went with friends for art/music-inspired PAINT THE TOWN RED while rest of us went to a play at Hoover Library Theatre called WOODY GUTHRIE: WHEN THE CURFEW BLOWS. It's a one-man show about Woody's life and times as told in 1952 from the psychiatric ward.

Great show from a talented and enthusiastic up-n-comer actor/writer Rob Tepper.

 Nice touch: they banded us all as psychiatric patients and Woody addressed us as fellow residents in need of meds. :)

And now: MUST WRITE.

Don't forget to check-in with Ruth to read the progress of our progressive poem! Half-way there now... I love it!


  1. Irene, I love this drop-everything hop to the art show, and those trees and your purchases are fabulous (esp Status Quo and the gourds)! Sounds like a wonderful, art-filled day shared with your family. Sigh...I really look forward to those days!

  2. Sounds like a lovely time, at the show & with your son, then some Woody Guthrie time-an amazing artist musician! I love those faces in the trees. Artists imagine the most wonderful things. I'm glad you told us all about this, Irene. Thanks!


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