Sunday, May 6, 2012


For a number of years now, I have used my cell phone as a watch.

Except it's awkward, digging around in my purse to find the darn thing. (Imagine the time I have wasted, doing just that?)

For speaking engagements, I bought a cheap-o bracelet-style "Grandma" watch at Walmart. It's nothing fancy. But it works to help me find the "I'll take two more questions, and then our time is up" moment at the end of presentation.

A few months ago I spied in Sundance catalog the bold, inspiring watch that appears beside these words.

 But I don't NEED a watch. I've got the cell phone, remember? And the Grandma watch. So I've resisted the splurge.

And then I was dusting, looking at this family photo, circa 2002:

Do you see that watch on my wrist? (Hard to see at this size, but I promise you, it's there.) It was a gift from my husband. I wore it ALL THE TIME.

I couldn't remember what happened to it. Was it broken? Lost?

I found it in my jewelry box. As I held it in my hand I remembered all the reason I loved it. It's flat, light-weight, silver AND gold. Not flashy, but nice.

So I took it to the jeweler, and for five dollars and a quarter, fitted it with a new battery. And I've been wearing it ever since. And I love it! No more digging around in my purse!

And it feels so rebellious, so retro, like I am going my own way in a techno-world.

I like it. And it's validated other choices I've made, like no smart phone, no tablet, no Facebook. I feel so self-sufficient, so in-the-moment.

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny little thing to change your life. (Isn't that a lesson we have to learn and learn and learn again? Sigh.)


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    1. Funny, Caroline -- one thing I AM on is Twitter. xo

  2. Cool! And I'll get to see that watch soon, too!

  3. And I get to see you and Vicky soon... do you think I'll ever be a watch person??

    1. You are most definitely not a watch person. xo

  4. Nice story, Irene. I washed my husband's watch & thought it was totally gone, but a wonderful watch repairman just dried it out, replaced the battery & it was good again. Small things, happy moments!

  5. When I moved to Italy in 2002, we had a bit of a wait in the Paris airport. I was feeling pretty disoriented and sad, having left my family behind and all. My now-husband disappeared for a while, and when he came back, he presented me with a beautiful silver tank watch with two faces on it - one set to Italy time and one to New York time. I still wear it, and I still love the thought that went into it. :)

  6. ROMANCE LIVES! What a great story, Renee. And man, I can just imagine how you felt. Thank goodness for the world wide web, right? It's gotta help feel more connected with loved ones who are afar. xo

    1. Yes, I could not survive without Skype! This way I can prop American Grandma up in the living room so she can see the boys at play. It's not the same as being there, but it sure is better than nothing. :)

  7. I wear a broken watch was my Grandma's. I treasure it because my Grandpa gave it to my Grandma when he went to's engraved with their names and the date. It's a wind-up one...I can wind it and hear it ticking, but the hands don't move.

    I lose track of time while teaching and reading. It is horrible when I teach in a room with no clock! I have to use the computer clock or my phone then.

  8. My way of going retro in a techno world is to only own analog watches. Yes, watches, plural. I think I have about thirty at last count! It's kind of an addiction...


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