Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Heading to the airport today for sunny Naples, Florida, where the SIBA Trade Show will get in full swing beginning Thursday evening.

My part won't happen until Friday, when I share a panel called "Twins, Takers & Middle Grade Stars."

Moderator:  Kelly Justice, Fountain Bookstore
Adam Troy-CastroGustav Gloom and the People Taker
Ellis Weiner, The Templeton Twins have an Idea (Chronicle Books)
Irene LathamDon’t Feed the Boy (Roaring Brook Press)
Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities (Simon & Schuster)

And what will I be doing until Friday?

Well. I have a school visit! Yep, I am thrilled to be visiting Golden Gate High School! I made a special connection with this school and awesome media specialist Veronica Perinon last year during a Skype visit. And now we get to meet in person

Yay for meeting indie booksellers and students and book-lovers of all ages! EXCITED!


  1. Oh fun, the kids get to see you in person. I know you'll have a blast with them. Much success and fun at the trade show.

  2. Florida again...why are all my friends going to part of the world??? have a great time and meet lots of nice people so you can return when your next book... whatever it is... there will be a next book... gets published

  3. Congratulations!! And what lucky students!!!! Although we have not spoken in several months, I have been keeping up with you through your webpage. So excited that you are sooo busy. Hoping to see you soon at Brooks Elementary. Safe travel!


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