Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm really difficult to surprise. It's one of the drawbacks of having a very active, imaginative brain -- or not a drawback at all, depending on the situation.

It DOES make it tough on a husband.

So, when that sweet husband o' mine miraculously pulls off a surprise, my thrill is indeed elephant-sized!

Which is why I'm telling you about this perfect, precious Alex Woo pendant Paul gave me as a celebratory gift upon the release of DON'T FEED THE BOY (which, you can tell right from the cover, features an elephant):

The chain is all sparkly, and the elephant is just the right size for me and I absolutely love what it means:

(from the website)

"When an elephant makes its way into your dream, it’s a message meaning that you are able to conquer any of life’s obstacles. As a symbol of pure happiness, elephants also signify the strength needed to overcome any of life's obstacles. Said to carry everlasting luck in their trunk, one facing up means you will maintain good luck forever. So, grab the world by its tusks and ride yourself into great fortune."

Love love LOVE love LOVE!

Look for it around my neck this week at school visits and a poetry reading in Florence, AL, as well as this coming weekend in New Orleans and at Louisiana Book Festival in Baton Rouge, LA! 

Also, pictures from recent events coming very soon! Thank you, friends, for sharing this exciting time with me. xo


  1. Lovely surprise, indeed, Irene. Congratulations on some very successful days recently!

  2. Aw. Hubby scores! Great symbol and great present. You'll probably get comments on it from your audiences.

  3. Irene! Thanks for being so friendly at WIK. I'm delighted you posted the elephant necklace I found so charming at the social, especially since I have a bee necklace by the same jeweler. I thought it might be an Alex Woo piece! You are indeed very lucky! I'm enjoying your blog immensely. I appreciate the time you spend.

    Keri Lewis

  4. Oh, how sweet! Congrats on your wonderful book and your wonderful husband too. Good good days, these. xo, a.


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