Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At the Scarecrow Show

Our local elementary school, Inverness Elementary, where all three of my sons attended, hosts a Scarecrow Show every year. (Not what they call it, but doesn't that sound good?! It's a fundraiser for the school.)

Here's some of the my favorites of this year's crop:

Alien Scarecrow

Johnny Appleseed

A Scarecrow Divided (so clever! If you live here you know that football allegiance is serious business... if you marry out of your team, you often fly a flag or sport a bumper sticker that claims your "divided" status. All in good fun!)

Ma & Pa Scarecrow

Scarecrow, Jr.
Now if that doesn't put you in the fall spirit, I don't know what does!

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  1. My colleague & I used to do this in October (middle school students) to decorate the school entrance. What fun these are Irene.


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