Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year no one at my house is dressing up or trick-or-treating. It will be quiet, which is how we all like it. And it's got me reminiscing about all those Halloweens when the boys were wee, and the night was sugar-crazy -- before costumes turned into rubber masks and makeup, or disappeared altogether.

We had critters:
Dinosaur Daniel

Isty Bitsy Spider Eric
Bumblebee Andrew

We had TV characters:

Andrew "Bob the Builder"

Daniel "Thomas the Tank Engine"

We had possible future careers:

Pirate Andrew

Firefighter Daniel

Policeman Andrew

Explorer "Davy Crockett" Eric

We also had some homegrown costumes that were by far the most fun:

Daniel & Andrew as skeletons (costumes made by Grandma Mary!)

Robot Daniel (costume made by me & Daniel)

But of all the costumes, it's the Lil Pumpkin costume that I remember most fondly, perhaps because it went through all three boys:

Daniel (with Andrew)

Eric (with Andrew)

Wishing each and every one of you a happy Halloween!


  1. I was always the WORST at coming up with costumes. I remember a black cape that started life as a cat costume, morphed to a witch, and ended up as a cute kitty vampire. Ah, those were the days!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. My funniest memory is when my son decided he would be Santa, & we put together a costume, then he changed his mind, so we scrambled again. He said he didn't want to get people mixed up about which holiday it was. Love that pumpkin costume. This is a big day at school, even some parents come dressed up for our big parade. Happy Halloween, Irene, and thanks for the wonderful memories.


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