Monday, December 10, 2012


A while ago I promised to post on Mondays about noteworthy movies I've had the pleasure of viewing. And I have posted occasionally. But not nearly as much as you'd expect from someone who has a standing Saturday night date with her husband, which very often includes a movie.

We've seen a few lately, some of them I even really enjoyed, like LIFE OF PI and THE TWILIGHT SAGA:BREAKING DAWN PART 2. But none of them made me want to rush home and write about it here -- until Saturday night's ANNA KARENINA.

Confession: I've never read ANNA KARENINA. I've known the basic storyline, but I've never actually read the pages all the way through.

I will now.

The movie is gorgeous, delightful. It' so creative and just magical. All the parts come together in a sensory feast. It's an experience, as movies should be. And yeah, I've seen some reviews that pick it apart.

I don't care.

I love it. And love requires no explanation. In fact: one of my favorite lines from the movie:

Count Vronsky: "I love you!"
Anna Karenina: "Why?"
Count Vronsky: "You can't ask why about love!"

Ha. I just realized those smart marketers also used that as the tagline on the posters. :)

This is one I will happily watch again. Let me know what you think!


  1. I taught my last class last week, and hope to get to this this week (no regular Sat nights with my husband, but we have a longstanding date to see the Hobbit on Friday with some of his pals and wives). I loved this book when I read it in my twenties, and have been rereading in prep for the movie. I'm just over half way through, but enough so I told him I'm ready any time! It does bog down at points, and I think I have to let myself skim more. But Tolystoy's thoughts on love and truth are just up your alley. I cannot wait for these costumes and sets!

  2. Jeannine, you are so right about truth and love! That's your alley, too. :) Can't wait to hear what you think. I am a bit less enthusiastic about THE HOBBIT, only because I adored the little animated version from years ago, and I sorta can't believe they are splitting the journey into three whole movies... impatient me! But we are seeing it, with all the boys -- the eldest is especially excited.


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