Friday, December 28, 2012


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So what's up in my corner?

Well. I've been thinking about my one little word and the part it played in my 2012.

I mentioned earlier in the year how I'd felt I'd been something of a failure in the fierce department. With your help, I've re-framed that thought: I haven't been a failure at all. I just attached too many grand expectations to my word.

It's a good reminder as I work to select my word for 2013. And I'm thinking perhaps it's the fact of an adjective that threw me off this year?? As if I should BE fierce in new and different ways.

I think maybe I've been fierce in all the SAME ways, which is not a bad thing... and the word "fierce" popped out at me EVERYWHERE. I found it in all sorts of books and poems, often when I was least expecting it. I've certainly been hyper-aware of the word itself. Which is how I found the following poem -- and why I think it's a perfect way to end my "fierce" year.

See for yourself:


by Dr. Ian McCallum from his book Wild Gifts
I like the word, fierce –
the way it aligns itself with
nakedness and solitude:
a fierce nakedness …
a fierce solitude …
And I like the way it holds
the word, fire.

I like the word, fire –
the way it ignites
the cutting edge of poetry
refusing to be nothing less than
a fiery edge …
a fiery tongue …
And I like the way it is linked
to the word, wildness.

I like the word, wild –
how it weaves its way
between yes and no,
how it announces itself as
a wild anger …
a wild joy …
And I like the way it nurtures
the word, fierce.

I like the word, fierce -


  1. Love this, Irene. You're definitely fierce in my book. xo

  2. Beautiful to find this to go along with your word, Irene. I like every bit, yet especially this: "nothing less than
    a fiery edge …
    a fiery tongue …"-needed sometimes in our lives. I also believe you are fiercely persistent in your goals from what I read in your posts. Happy New Year!

  3. And what will your word for 2013 be? :)

  4. Oh so good! I like the poet, Irene!


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