Wednesday, December 19, 2012


1. Finished THE CASUAL VACANCY by J.K. Rowling. I'm on the road so much, I opted for the audio version. It's excellent. And so many lessons there for writers! More on this later.

2. Saw THE HOBBIT. I liked it, but not as much as the old animated version that has the whole journey in one place. My siblings and I must have watched that movie a billion times! My sons were pretty darn happy with it -- which makes me happy.

3. Hit 30 thousand words on the wip. I hope to wrap things up on this first draft by the end of the year.

4. Gingerbread-house party tonight! I'm bringing hot chocolate to share and some of those teeny tiny M&Ms to decorate my house with. Can't wait to see you, girls!

5. Thanks to DoraineErik and Linda for posting reviews of DON'T FEED THE BOY! *mwah*


  1. The animated version! This came out when I was a girl and living in Saudi Arabia (I've seen every movie that came out from 77-80, pretty much. We watched one a week). Still have such strong memories of this.

    How in the world will one book be broken into three parts? I don't have a strong need to see this new version.

    1. Caroline, I keep forgetting we have Saudi Arabia in common! You'll enjoy the movie, I bet, even though it does drag a bit. But oh the impatience for the rest of the story... and you know, the music in the animated version brings on all the warm fuzzies for me, so I was missing that (though they did do a little with the music, which surprised me).

  2. Looking forward to The Hobbit, but I'm still re-watching Lord of the Rings once in a while. I'm sorry they chose to drag out the story-more $ I guess. Your gingerbread houses look delightful. Perhaps when my grand girls are a little older? Happy Solstice!


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