Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I took this picture last week in Mississippi. Imagine this field filled with cotton blossoms... or remember the last time you were at a county fair where those sticks of whipped, spun sugar called and called until you had to grab one and let the sweet stuff melt in your mouth.

Here's a couple of lines from a poem I wrote about fair food:

"She stopped short at the pink whirling, swirling machine
that served cotton candy airy as fresh whipped cream"

Speaking of fairs: we watched a quirky little comedy the other night that stars  Jennifer Garner as an uber-competitive butter sculptor. In some parts of the country, butter sculpting is a very big deal! Cute movie.

And here, just for fun, is a couple of lines from a butter sculpture poem I started but never finished:

"If we had a huge hunk of butter
we’d outcarve every woodcutter"

Anyone else have some "fair" verse to share?


  1. soooo which one of your boys refreshed your blog page... nice

  2. Ha, you knew it wasn't me. :) Eric! I'm not in love with it, but it is nice to have something different. We'll see how long it lasts...

  3. I have no poem, but do love a funnel cake every once in a while! I remember loving cotton candy as a child, and corn dogs! There was no other place to get them then but the fairs. Maybe I have a poem after all, Irene. Thanks for the inspiration, and your sky pic is beautiful.


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