Thursday, April 4, 2013


Leave it to the one and only J. Patrick Lewis to birth a book based on odd holidays. Illustrations are by Anna Raff. And the title poem "World Rat Day" is for today, April 4. Bet you didn't know that. :)

This is such a fun book, and a nice departure from the expected holidays' fare. One of my favorite poems is for Frog Jumping Day, which happens May 13.

Said the Frog

I was really in a muddle
looking over a mud puddle
'cause I didn't have a paddle
or a twig to ride the reef.
But I said, "Oh, fiddle-faddle,
this is just a little piddle
of a second fiddle puddle."
So I saddled up a leaf.
I set sail on the puddle,
but I reached the muddy middle
and I rocked the leaf a little,
then I gave it all I had.
And I solved the mighty riddle
of the whole caboodle puddle
when I hopped up on the middle
of a beetle launching pad.

- J. Patrick Lewis

Isn't that fun?! And exactly what a frog would say, I think. I really love the idea of "saddling up a leaf." Really fresh and fun.


  1. Ha! I also like "this is just a little piddle/of a second fiddle puddle". I think kids will adore this book, Irene. I need to find it so I can read it all! Thanks!

  2. That is really fun. The Rat is and Bats are my favorites.

  3. just got caught up on your posts for the last week... I'm a bad friend... but I have talked to you right... sky is the word for me this weekend. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that everyone will love Forever Graceland as much as we do...I'm getting excited.


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