Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Okay, so I stole the subject line from a poem called "Daffodil Bulbs" in SEEDS, BEES, BUTTERFLIES, and MORE: Poems for Two Voices by Carole Gerber and illustrated by Eugene Yelchin.

It's a perfect book for spring, and I have always been fond of the way poems in two voices can engage readers.

One of my favorite poems in the collections is not on the showy blossoms or buzzing, winged creatures. It's a poem about something hidden:

by Carole Gerber

I get no attention.
                             You're hidden. It's true.

I'm gnarl and twisted.
                              But all plants need you.

Plants take me for granted--
then don't give two hoots!

                              Until gardeners move them
                              and dig up their roots.
                              They can't live without you!

That's true, very true.
                              You store food for those plants!

I anchor them, too.
My looks aren't important.
I have other strengths.

                             You're tough and can grow
                             to incredible lengths.

I feel a lot better. Thanks mainly to you,
I'm proud to be doing what a root's meant to do.

I really like how the book is designed with each voice printed in a different color ink. It really helps the reader. Happy spring, y'all!

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