Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I often tell groups about how my very first writings were love poems for my mother -- and that LEAVING GEE'S BEND is also a love poem for my mother. Which is why it's an especially magical thing when I am asked to speak with Mother-Daughter Book Clubs, as I did last night.

Before I get to how amazing these moms and daughters are, let me say again that I believe the mother-daughter relationship is perhaps the most complex of all relationships. I say this only having experience the "daughter" end, but I have enough moms of daughters in my life to have heard the "mom" end as well. I am sure that mother-daughter themes will continue to pop up in my writing for the rest of my life. A mother is that important to a girl.

And I had a delightful time with my friend Mary Leigh, her youngest daughter and all the moms and 6th-grade daughters who read LEAVING GEE'S BEND.

Here's the moms, who make it all possible:

And here's the girls eating a snack (Coke and pound cake, in honor of Ludelphia) and being silly:

And here we are all posed with quilt and Ludelphia and book:

Aren't they gorgeous? And they asked such wonderful questions and made me feel so welcome and sent me home with a treasure or two. THANK YOU, everyone! Great to meet fellow book lovers and moms. Remember what I said about sending me poems and stories -- I am happy to read. xo


  1. I've had several students through the years who read in a mother-daughter book club-were often asking me for suggestions. They seemed to love it very much. What a great time for you, Irene, and for them!

  2. Hi, Irene. This is such a great idea. I was disappointed that my daughter's middle school didn't have a parent-child book club. Why not just host one myself?! Thanks for the inspiration.


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