Thursday, June 27, 2013


So there are two 2013 books I love with the title GOLDEN BOY. One is by Tara Sullivan -- and it releases today! (thanks to Excellent Editor Stacey Barney at Putnam, I read it as an ARC); the other is by Abigail Tarttelin. Both are FANTASTIC.
While Tara's book is set in central Africa (including a trek across the Serengeti and a new home in Mwanza), Abigail's book is set in small-town UK. Tara's started as a MG and has been "aged up" to YA while Abigail's is marketed for adults. Both are about kids who feel, and are, different.

In Tara's book, Habo is an albino boy who is being hunted by poachers who want his parts for good luck medicine. In Abigail's book, Max is a perfect, popular, blonde 16 year old who happens to be intersex (the latest term for what I learned as "hermaphrodite"). These significant differences create identity and emotional and physical safety issues for each boy. There are family issues, too. And what I loved about both these books is how REAL and IMMEDIATE they felt. Both made me cry. Both I will read again. Both bring to light important topics.

Both, in fact, GOLDEN. Read for yourself!


  1. It's just great that authors are writing about these important issues. The books do sound so serious, but some of my older, more mature students would have loved reading about these boys. I don't think we adults realize how much kids need to hear about others who are struggling with identity for their very survival. Thanks Irene!

  2. I'm with Linda. I am impressed by the intense, authentic topics in these stories.


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