Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Last week while niece JuliAnna was visiting, we took a jaunt down to Auburn, where the amazing Chantel Acevedo was running a Creative Writing Studio and had invited me to join the students for a pizza supper to talk professional writing. The group had copies of LEAVING GEE'S BEND, and they presented me with a wonderful keepsake of pantoums written on pieces of fabric all gathered in a binder:

Here's the back:

And here's one of my  favorite poems from inside:

Cool, huh?! THANK YOU, Chantel, students and counselors!!

Also, while in Auburn, we shared a lovely lunch at Amsterdam Cafe with my mom (!)  and Charles AND made jewelry with wonderfully creative and talented Barbara Birdsong at Perch Bead Studio. SO MUCH FUN!

We also stopped in at Auburn Public Library for a summer reading program on raptors:

We stayed at the Pat Dye Cottage at The Crenshaw Guest House, where we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast (thanks, George!) before adventuring around the campus and stadium, complete with lemonade at Toomer's. JuliAnna pretty much fell in love with the campus, and who knows? Miss Engineer/Architect To Be may just find a home there someday.

JuliAnna, Eric, Charles, Mama
Thanks for reading... more catch-up adventure posts to come! 

p.s. Best gift I ever got arrived on this day some 41 years ago. Happy Birthday to my sweetest sis, LTG!!!!

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  1. Such a lovely time, Irene. Love that you could spend the days with some of your family, and drop into that workshop-great poem.


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