Monday, July 1, 2013


...he lays down to eat!

Here's how it works:  Bobby lays beside the bowl.

Bobby paws food out of the bowl.

Bobby eats the food off the floor.

Lazy Bobby. He makes us smile. :)
Happy July, everyone!


  1. Yes, Happy July! I think Bobby thinks his food should be a mouse. He is playing with it like it might be a mouse, though a really slow-moving one! Ha ha ha. I think he is stalking his food and therefore lying down in that "stealth" position. Funny, funny, funny. We used to have a black cat who was so so smart and like a real person to us. Our first child, so to speak. So, thoroughly enjoyed these fun photos, Irene!!!
    Janet F.

  2. Janet, I like your interpretation! And I would really have enjoyed meeting your "first child." Cats don't get enough credit sometimes. Thanks for stopping by. xo

  3. Fun that you got the photos, too, Irene. Most of my experience with cats is that they are languorous to an extreme. Perhaps we should take a tip and try it once in a while? Like those Romans on their couches, holding that bundle of grapes?


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