Monday, July 8, 2013


It is my pleasure today to welcome back the lovely, enthusiastic champion for poetry Janet Fagal! Janet emailed me this wonderful picture from Southport, Maine... don't you love the cloud's reflection in the water? It fills me with happiness and energy, and I am so pleased to share it with all of you.

And that's not all! Janet also gave me permission to share her Maine poem, which she wrote in response to David Harrison's Word of the Month blog prompt "fog." (link takes you to the June W.O.M. prompt "harrumph")

Which reminds me... I need a good "fog" picture... anyone? Thank you, Janet for being a part of my "sky" year!

photo by Janet Fagal

Some Mornings in Maine

I hear the fog before I see it.
A slow sad note sounds, then echoes,
blanketing the trills of the morning,
pulling me like a siren song in for a look.

The mist changes the harbor.
Scenes from black and white photographs,
taken long ago, sit stark and crisp,
colors forgotten like an old lover.

Low wisps dance in curls above the current.
Boats at anchor sway like silken scarves.
Draped in their gauzy veil,
they wait for the kiss of the sun.

It is silent now, this harbor, this morning.
Glimmers of light announce the coming change.
I scramble to soak in the sight and the sound,
the world more clear today, dressed in feathery grey.

- Janet Fagal, all rights reserved


  1. Hey, hey, hey, Janet!! I really like this poem. The idea of hearing the fog - fabulous. Then there are "colors forgotten like an old lover" and "silken scarves." Thoroughly enjoyed this! And a lovely sky, too.

    Thank you for sharing, Irene. I think I have some sky to send you. I'll look around for a nice piece. :)

  2. I love the photo, Janet, and I've seen your poem before on David's blog. It's wonderful, that line (and whole verse) "Scenes from black and white photographs," just great. I lived on a lake in Missouri a long time ago and we had fog like that sometimes-rarely here in CO! Thanks Irene and Janet!

  3. Thank you Linda and Renee! I love to take photos in Maine, some times the sky and reflections are almost perfection and since Irene asked for a poem, I had to send this one. It is the scene I describe in the poem, minus the fog. I do have fog photos and pics at all times of day and in different light. It is a lot of fun and such a peaceful. I can't wait to go.
    And thanks, again, to Irene!! It is nice to dip my toe in the blog-world every now and again. Enjoy summer everyone.


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