Monday, August 19, 2013


Hurray for back-to-school!

While there are a lot of things I will miss about summer -- like waiting around until late afternoon to decide what to eat for supper -- and then dashing to the market for what I need -- fresh starts are always exciting. And this year I had tons of fun clothes shopping with the boys. I took each boy individually... and each picked clothes with lots of color! This is a pleasant departure from the black/white trend long favored by two of the three boys. Here is a sampling:

One great thing about shopping with boys is if they like the shirt/jeans/whatever, they like it! They tend to be pretty decisive, which is not what I hear from my friends who shop with their daughters. :)

I love it that my boys are not all that concerned with labels. We can shop at discount stores and thrift stores -- though this year Urban Outfitters was the store of choice for our college-age son. Also, there's not a lot of time spent in the dressing room. Once we know what size, it's just a matter of picking the colors. Stress-free! Easy! Fun!

I encourage the kids to try things they normally wouldn't, and to choose things that make them feel comfortable and good about themselves. One son came home with a couple of funky bow-ties. Like I said: fun!


  1. I remember some good times when my daughter was older, but shopping with her as a young teen was painful. She just needed my money, very little else (te he). You're so right-my son was much easier. Once he found something he liked, he bought more! Like you said, fun!

  2. Logan's son Scott wears bow-ties ... he started his first year of official teaching ( different high school math classes)and coaching (baseball) one of the ballplayers asked him, "Hey Coach, are you going to lose the tie for practice?" Scott's answer, "NO, I was thinking all the players should wear them too. It would show our good fashion sense." GOOD answer, Scottie boy.


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