Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A few weeks ago I took two of my favorite teens to a windchime making workshop at ArtPlay here in Birmingham. The flyer said to bring along whatever household things you'd like to include in your windchime... nuts, bolts, keys, spoons, anything.

I went on a search and turned up all sorts of treasures! ArtPlay also provided beads and tubes from a chainlink fence and various thrift store finds, like pot lids and colanders and even a toy zylophone. (The instructor used a hammer popped off the color pieces.) All you really need is some discards, a drill, some sort of twine or fishing line, and your imagination.

I made one that includes things near and dear to me: glass bottle, spool of tread, tiny book, picture frame, key... it makes me think of my mama. (Obviously for indoor display rather than outdoor.)

And here's what the kids created:

Cool, huh? I'm collecting things now to make a few more, probably for Christmas gifts. :)


  1. Very cool! One of my favorite windchimes is a set of cutler-knife, fork, spoons-makes a good sound! I bought it at an art fair.

  2. You are a true recycler! And the music your repurposed chimes make is created by your personal history.

    I love the sound they make in a gentle the air around me is alive with possibilities.

  3. That's really cool. I have some old "junk" that would make a cool wind chime.
    Thanks for sharing.


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