Wednesday, September 25, 2013


view from bottom looking up
Finally FINALLY we were able to visit Ford's Theatre Museum on our recent trip to Washington, DC. The ticket includes a tour of the Petersen House across the street, which is where Lincoln spent his final hours.

(Interesting thing I learned: there are no living descendants of Abraham Lincoln. I suppose I would have heard about them, if there had been. But this fact kind of stunned me.)

There's more museum stuff at the Petersen House, including a temporary exhibit of letters written to the parents of Matthew Shephard. Tough stuff, and yes, there was a box of tissues on the bench in front of the display. It reminded me of Leslea Newman's lovely book of poems, OCTOBER MOURNING: A Song for Matthew Shepard.

view from the top looking down

The centerpiece in the gift shop/museum was a tower of 1500 books written on the topic of one Abraham Lincoln. 1500! Writers, just think about that anytime you're worried something's been done before. Of course it has! But you can certainly bring your unique slant to a topic, and readers will gobble it up.

Here's pictures of the tower. It's enough to make a gal wish she'd written an Abraham Lincoln book. :)


  1. Now this cool. And no living descendants ...interesting

  2. I've seen pics of the tower before-awesome that you actually got to see it! Matthew Shepherd's death is often on our minds here in Colorado. That's good that the display is there, even temporarily; we can't forget! Thanks Irene.

  3. That tower of books is amazing! All that paper dedicated to him and no living relatives left. Wow.


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