Monday, September 16, 2013


With nothing much to beckon us to the theaters -- and football, oh my LORD, football! -- we watched a pair of movies new to DVD. (Seriously, Birmingham is a ghost town when Bama is playing. Best time in the world to go to Publix. :)

First, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED (isn't it?!) a Danish romantic comedy starring Pierce Brosnan. It's not a perfect movie, but I really loved all the threads, and how things came off in the end. Plus, it's set in gorgeous Italy and included some stunning shots. Someday we will go! Meanwhile, the movie provides a nice fix. Sweet and sad and funny and ends just right.

Next a gritty Sally Potter film GINGER & ROSA, about two girls living in London during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Elle Fanning plays Ginger, and what a charismatic gal she is! The movie is about friendship and family, and how we sometimes embrace causes beyond our control with such fervor because we feel so out of control of our personal lives. Great food for thought. Oh, and Ginger is a poet (not poetess, thank you very much).

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  1. I didn't realize you gave out movie recommendations, Irene! I added these to my list also. Thx-


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