Friday, October 18, 2013

POEMSTARTS from Jack Prelutsky

Hello and happy Poetry Friday! Short and sweet for me this week... October is always such a busy month. I'm missing my favorite blogs and promise to pop in very soon! Be sure to visit Cathy at Merely Day by Day for Roundup.

In Jack Prelutsky's book PIZZA, PIGS AND POETRY: HOW TO WRITE A POEM, he includes a list of 10 poemstarts. I think they are a fabulous way to loosen up, and for me, to get that wise adult out of my poems for children. Here's three to get us started... feel free to share your results in Comments!

Eleven yellow elephants
Were sitting on the floor.

This pic came up when I googled "Bandersnatch"
(from JABBERWOCKY)...found here
A Blobboloon is chasing me.
It's hot upon my trail.
That Blobboloon.....

"Tricycling Triceratops" found here
If I could have a dinosaur,
Which I do not have yet,

copyright 2008 by Jack Prelutsky


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  2. I made an error-had to re-do!
    Very fun, Irene. I'm not familiar with this book, will try to find it!
    Here goes: "A Blobboloon is chasing me.
    It's hot upon my trail.
    That Blobboloon, oh gee, oh gee,
    is about to catch my tail!
    Okay-no need for comment-but it was fun-bet kids will like doing too!

  3. I'll have to look for Prelutsky's Pizza, Pigs and Poetry at the library. I generally stay away from his books because his concentration on humor, and the popularity of it, tends to lead some people to think that children's poetry isn't/can't/shouldn't be anything but funny.


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