Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I captured this sky on Veteran's Day when I was at the Botanical Gardens. It made me wonder about what it's like to be a seed-eating bird, how the eyes would always be on the lookout for color. And then I thought, hmmm, I might be a little bit bird. (My father used to say so... he said I ate like a bird. Which of course means I ate A LOT, as some birds eat twice their weight in a day!) Also, birds are constantly popping up in my work. Something about their beauty and freedom and fragility....


  1. Our sky is often so, so blue like this, Irene. I remember seeing some video about the amazing things birds accomplish, small beings that they are! Your musings made me remember!

  2. what kind of bird would you be Irene... I know what I would be no not a chicken, I would be a mockingbird... OCD about what I will sing and annoying everyone close enough to hear me... except me I love to hear them


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