Thursday, November 21, 2013


For the past several years, my friend Pat has given me cowboy boot ornaments. Finally, this year, I got myself a little tree to hang them on. And of course, once they were hung, I realized I needed a tree topper and a tree skirt and some garland.... so I got busy!

I bought some red burlap and cut a skirt. (My original thought was denim, but frankly, I was in an instant gratification kind of mood, and that seemed like too big a project. Maybe next year.)

I searched (briefly) in the trunk of Halloween costumes for a cowboy hat, but it was too big for my small tree. Fortunately I found a shiny red star at Hobby Lobby. And then it was time to make some garland. I had it in my mind to use bandanas. Here's what to do:

1. Buy 3-5 bandanas. 
2.Fold one bandana at a time.

3. Cut strips 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide (doesn't have to be exact- I ended up with 6 strips per bandana)

4. Tie together two strips with a simple knot.

5. Tie another knot in the center of each strip (do this before you add another strip to the garland, or else it is hard to place the knot in the center of the strip).

6. Keep going until you've used all your strips. (On my five ft. skinny tree, I used 3 and a half bandanas, or 21 strips)
7. String your garland around the tree.
8. Smile, and say "Yee-haw!" or whatever other cowboy phrase you prefer.

Decorating the "Western" tree was so much fun, now I'm thinking about what theme I might want to create next year. Hmmm... I may end up with a tree in every room! But I'm pretty sure I will never have as many Christmas decorations as Pat. Her house will really get you in the spirit! :)

p.s. Until this blog post, I thought "bandana" had three n's instead of just two. Good thing I googled it. :)


  1. a very homey tree and it does kinda reflect my personality so glad my gifts over the years is giving you so much pleasure...and that you have the spirit of Christmas

  2. Adorable! I have been collecting musical ornaments, but I don't really have enough for a whole tree. Maybe I could make a musical garland? You are giving me ideas. (I thought bandana had two n's, too.)

  3. You are so creative and crafty. And already for Christmas!


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