Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I took these within minutes of each other ... same tree, same sky. And yet... not the same at all!

 Also, allow me to introduce you to Jenny Paynter, fabulous librarian at Fairview Elementary in Heiskell, TN. Please read her response to my sensory query, "What does 1,000  sound like?"

look like? crows sitting on a power line
sound like? a playground filled with squealing children
smell like? the loose powder my grandmother used to powder her nose
taste like? a cherry tomato right off the vine 
feel like? a cool breeze after an uphill hike

Thank you, Jenny! You're a poet!! Happy November, all.


  1. Beautiful pictures, and I love Jenny's sensory descriptions! Perfect way to start this crisp day - thanks!

  2. That tree is beautiful. I understand all of Jenny's comments and loved them all

  3. Loved the fall colors. I don't get them here. I loved Jenny's comments, got me to thinking...


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