Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's been a stressful time here at the Latham household, but a couple of things happened this week that reminded me how wonderful this world is.... so... I've decided to make It's a Wonderful World Wednesday a new feature for 2014. Consider this a sneak peek!

At the Post Office
This past Saturday I headed into the post office with three packages. Because I was in a hurry to make my lunch date with my husband, I headed straight for the self-service kiosk. I've used the kiosk a bunch of time and feel completely comfortable with it. Everything was going swimmingly until I got to the third package. At that point, another customer came up behind me -- very close -- and made me feel rushed. I paid for my postage and deposited the third box in the bin... without the postage label attached. Well. There were about ten people in the lobby line, and only one clerk. I thought I needed to get this settled right away, so I went over and rang the little buzzer. No one came, and soon the clerk informed me that no one ever answered the buzzer, and how could he help? I explained my mistake, and he asked me to wait, which I did. Meanwhile, he dealt with all those frustrated customers! Finally he motioned me over. He gave me a piece of paper and asked me to write the address on it. I stapled that to my label and again approached the desk. He finished with his current customer and looked over my paperwork. He said, "I'll take care of it," and set the paperwork on a back desk before helping the next customer. And I left. I kept seeing the box for my sister sitting there in the post office, unlabeled, languishing, never to be delivered.

But guess what? On Monday my sister texted me to say the package had arrived! Thank you, Amazing Post Office Guy! You helped make my world wonderful.

At Kohl's
Also on Saturday, I dashed into a very crowded Kohl's to spend my Kohl's cash. The lines were LONG, and I was cranky after the whole Post Office incident. When the person two in front of me had an item without a label, I switched to the next lane. Then the lady in front of me in that line had an issue, and I was wishing I had stayed in the other lane! Finally, I got to the cashier, and in the middle of ringing me up, she says, "just a moment, ma'am." I was like, wha???
She came back with a manager who announced I was the winner of the day's Dream Receipt! Turns out, once a day, at random, the computer selects a customer -- they  never know when or at which cash register it will happen. On Saturday, it was ME! Which meant my entire purchase was FREE. Does Kohl's rock, or does Kohl's roll? What a thrill. What a wonderful world!


  1. Wow-I keep seeing about those dream receipts, but have never seen it happen! It's good to have those things happen, like a reward for the day you'd had so far! Happy it all went so beautifully, Irene!

  2. luck was with you only disguised as problems...never would have happened to me because you know how I am when I'm cranky and luck would have left and doom would have rushed in.... yea for you... did you spend your Kohl's cash ... you know how important I think that is


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