Monday, March 17, 2014

Movie Monday: ENOUGH SAID

This weekend we watched ENOUGH SAID, which could have been titled, LOVE IN THE TIME OF MIDDLE-AGE.

I have a friend who, after her divorce, said that going on a date was like going on a very strange job interview. This movie confirmed it. :) People who are middle-aged and dating often have ex-es and children and all sorts of peculiarities and baggage that (maybe) hadn't had so much time to accumulate the first go-around. The need for and enjoyment of companionship/love is as strong as ever, and middle-age presents its own array of challenges. It can (I think) very easily feel not worth the effort. And this movie shows that!

Funny and sweet and realistic, I really can't say enough good about it. Relationships are hard, whatever the age. And often we are our own worst enemies, especially when we allow other people's opinions to stand in the way of what makes us happy. Also, I think this was James Gandolfini's last movie, which makes me feel more tender toward his character and sweet performance here.


  1. middle age or early old age realionships are hard enough if the baggage and kids belong to both of you... those lust hormones change to snuggle hormones or keep my feet warm hormones... that guy or gal you was so hot for in your twenties better be your best friend in your after fifty life

  2. Catching up a little....... You raise good points and make me want to see this movie. I don't watch many as my spouse has never enjoyed going to the movie theater. Now old movies he loves. Black and white era.He also loves old-time radio and has heard so many he seems to be part of that culture every now and then. We have a cinephile society in our area a we have enjoyed gong to watch those.


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