Thursday, April 24, 2014

Poets on Poetry: MAGARITA ENGLE

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I will be sharing in each post during April a favorite quote from a favorite poet on poetry. Enjoy!

"Poetry is an emotional refuge. Prose still has a valuable place in my life, but I don't think it offers the same level of intimacy between author and reader. When you show someone a poem you've written, you've giving them a glimpse of your heart and soul. Everything is right there, out in the open, visible. There is nothing like an uncluttered page of free verse to expose one's innermost self." - Margarita Engle

Complete interview found at YARN.


  1. I love that 'uncluttered page of free verse'.

  2. [Linda's always grabbing my favorite phrases - I'll take that as good taste on my part. ;0) ] Margarita is such a treasure, and so are her thoughts on poetry. Thanks for sharing!


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