Friday, June 20, 2014

Poem Swap #1: FOX WRITES A NOTE by Tabatha Yeatts

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Jone at Check it Out for roundup! I am super-excited because this week I received in the mail poem swap #1 from none other than the Swap Queen herself, Ms. Tabatha (Fox) Yeatts!

Take a look-see:

Fox Writes a Note
by Tabatha Yeatts

Riddle me thiS,
riddle me that. WraP
up your words witH
the purr of a cat. I
am ready to play. CaN
you send a map? Love, FoX.

Fox is a clever one, isn't she? Love that end-line acrostic... and Tabatha's drawings are adorable. Funny thing: I almost wrote my poem about a fox! Then I remembered the lynx... which, holy coincidences, rhymes with sphinx. :)

This swap thing makes me so very happy. I'm busy working on #2 and will get it in the mail shortly. Can't wait to see what (and from whom!) lands in my mailbox next. Many many thanks to Tabatha for this wonderful tradition. xo


  1. What an adorable acrostic. I'm partial to foxes :).

  2. Oh, I like this!

  3. Oh, an end line acrostic is fun! Cute!

  4. I so wanted to do the summer swap this year, but vacation plans were too hard to work around. Tabatha's poem is super fun!

  5. Wow! End line acrostic! Gotta try it!!

    I'm having fun with the poem swap again this year. #2 is written but needs the perfect photo. Come on, Goldfinches, work with me here!

  6. Thanks, Irene -- Fox was fun to write and draw!


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