Monday, July 28, 2014

A Day in Gee's Bend

sampler quilt that appears in the Gee's Bend side
ferry terminal
We had such a lovely time visiting with quilt lovers and quilters and each other on our trip last Friday to Gee's Bend. After an informative presentation about the Black Belt Treasures' Kristin Law (who told us Wilcox is one of 19 counties designated as cultural Black Belt counties -- the former economic designation only included 12 countines), we hopped the ferry for Gee's Bend!

It was hubby's first time on the ferry:
Eric, Paul, me

I have never seen the ferry so FULL, although the quilters told me a long time ago that she'd once seen 17 cars on the ferry. Our load was 15 (I think!).

Even though it was blazing, we all got out to enjoy the Alabama River and get to know each other better.
Mary Allison Haynie, Claudia Pettway Charley, Deb Stern, and others!

We had lunch catered by Keitsha's (thanks, ladies -- delicious!), and I spoke about my work bringing Gee's Bend to 21st century families.... and then Mary Lee Bendolph spoke to us! She is no longer quilting, but is still a marvel and a joy.
Mary Lee and me

me and Sylvia

me and Claudia
What an amazing day! Big thanks to Alabama Folklife Association for making it possible. I'm excited about the next 4 quilting symposiums!

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  1. Wow... what wonderful quilts were they all hand done??? knew you would enjoy this event


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