Thursday, July 31, 2014

Art & Love & Buttercups for Poetry Friday!

John Singer Sargent painting,
"Carnation, Lily, Lilly, Rose"
Hello, and happy Poetry Friday! How can it be August? Be sure to buzz on over to Margaret Who Lights Up Louisiana and Beyond at Reflections on the Techie for Roundup.

Here, I am celebrating with what I received from one Robyn Hood Black as part of Tabatha's Summer Poem Swap.

Now, in order to full appreciate the beauty of this poem and understand what a gift it is to me, you have to know about Camp Buttercup.

Camp Buttercup is a little something I do with three Very Important Little Girls in my life -- it grew out of my need for girl-time in the midst of raising three sons! I am very fortunate to have some lovely nieces and a little sister to share time with. And Robyn, dear friend that she is, knows how much this means to me. So she took that theme, along with Tabatha's photo prompt (pictured above left), and wove in all these wonderful lines from other poems (no easy feat! I've linked to the complete poems so you can enjoy even more buttercup-themed poetry!!) to create this thing of beauty:

Have You Seen my Buttercup?
by Robyn Hood Black

Robyn's gift for me, ready to be framed!
Don't you love it? I am fascinated by how Robyn creates these found pieces. It's like a puzzle. Or basket weaving. Braiding? I don't know exactly! But amazing, yes?
For those who don't have time for the links, here's a list of the poets whose lines are included in Robyn's poem.

Pink… Wallace Stevens
Art … Emily Dickinson
While … William Blake
my … Robert Burns
I rose … Robert Louis Stevenson
somewhere … Mary Howitt
Orchard, …Emily Dickinson
every … Shakespeare
goes … May Sarton

Robyn also sent along some of her goodies, so I sort of feel like the Most Artsy Girl on the Planet! If you haven't shopped Robyn's store, go. Now. Great gifts for yourself or your artsy/literary friends!
gorgeous bookmark!
"Dearest Book... I shall return..."
An "I" typewriter key ring. LOVE. :)

And this post would not be complete without a picture of the Buttercup Girls, so here it is:
BrenLeigh, Georgia (Aussie puppy!), Anna & MadiLynn
Camp Buttercup, 2014
Thank you, Robyn. Wishing everyone a wonderful first day of August... bring on the Dog Days!!


  1. There is nothing nicer than a really personal gift, is there, Irene? What a special poem and gifts to savor! Love the idea of your 'buttercups' too.

  2. What an awesome poem! And what a fun time Camp Buttercup looks to be!

  3. That Robyn is a clever one, isn't she? And well read, apparently. How nice to have a poem that reflects something so important in your life!

  4. Ah, Robyn has sent you a loving gift. Don't you love the poetry swap? I wish we could do it all year.

  5. Robyn's poem is a wonder! Beautiful. And the Buttercup Girls look like a lot of fun.

  6. The poem is delightful, and my favorite line is the last (love May Sarton) - goes golden-buttercup-wild. What a gift to you and the Camp Buttercup Girls.

  7. A clever buttercup bouquet of poetry! Very thoughtful gifts. Yay, Robyn :-) !

  8. Irene, Camp Buttercup looks like a very special opportunity for 3 delightful little girls. What a surprise to have received such lovely gifts from Robyn. The poem was a very clever way for Robyn to celebrate your buttercup theme.

  9. Your camp looks like something my little Phoebe would love! And well done, Robyn - good found poems are not always easy, and this one is lovely!

  10. Found poem that found the right recipient. Well done, Robyn! Thank you for sharing it with us today Irene. Camp Buttercup looks amazing for all involved, including Georgia, the Aussie puppy. = )

  11. An ingenious and beautiful found poem! Kudos to Robyn and also to you, for giving these three girls (and yourself) the give of time together.

  12. Wow! That Robyn is one talented gal! Thanks for giving us all the links. I'd love to know how she puts these poems together! I love the idea of Camp Buttercup! It seems like you are making some sweet, sweet memories!

  13. Belated but heartfelt thanks, Irene, for sharing this, and to all of you amazing Poetry Friday peeps for the lovely comments. As you see, I'm not only late SENDING out my swap poems, but making PF rounds as well! Maybe next summer I'll have my act together? Or not? Irene, your Buttercup Girls were such lucky lasses this summer - you have an endlessly deep heart.

  14. Word Weaving is what Robyn does, dearest Irene! Thanks for sharing this thing of beauty. Loved it, these lines especially:
    everything that grows
    goes golden-buttercup-wild.


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