Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camp Buttercup: for Brave & Creative Girls

The next few days I get to enjoy the company of three special girls in my life:

Anna, MadiLynn, BrenLeigh

Here, at Camp Buttercup, we are all about ADVENTURE! And since these three live in rural areas, we're going with an urban theme, and the city of Birmingham will be our playground. We've got art and parks and sewing and writing and scavenger hunts and hiking and so much more!

VERY excited!!!


  1. What lucky girls! I wish I could meet you and your campers out ofr tea in town. Have a grand, grand time! xo

  2. I have a feeling that some topnotch poetry reading will sneak its way into their days too!

    1. Yes, Janet! Among other poetic adventures, we are doing Rebecca's taco poem and Take Five! from PFA! :)

  3. What a buttery-wonderful idea! Have fun, all - xxoo


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