Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Name is Irene, and This is My AHA Moment

A couple of weeks ago I buzzed down to Tuscaloosa to take part in the 2014 AHA Tour, as presented by Mutual of Omaha. I found the trailer parked in the lot behind The Capstone Sheraton.

It was a windy, humid day, which means my hair was a mess -- and I was recovering from a nasty respiratory infection after driving home the previous day from our family vacation. NOT the best conditions under which to do a video recording! BUT. I wanted to give it a shot.

And these were the lovely faces who greeted me: Brett, Sam, Gary (l-r)

They put me in the booth, calmed me down, and asked me to tell my Aha Moment. Thanks, guys!

Well. I soon discovered it's rather hard to choose just ONE moment. But I knew in my heart the one I wanted to talk about had to do with writing across cultures in my first novel LEAVING GEE'S BEND. That experience changed my life. And it might not have happened if not for writer Julius Lester. Want to know what I'm talking about?? Click here for my Aha Moment.

And here's my parting shot:

To record your own AHA moment, check the tour schedule here!


  1. I had never heard of the Aha Moment tour--thanks for the introduction. You did a great job. I love hearing the voices of those I only know through their blogs.

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  3. Irene, this is so lovely! What a great message!


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