Friday, October 3, 2014

And October Creeps In...

My favorite picture from September...
with my favorite (only. best. amazing!)
sister Lynn
October, oh how you've snuck up on me this year! Happy Poetry Friday, everyone... be sure to visit Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup for some delicious Roundup!

Thank you to those have written or called to check on me this past month. I've been traveling with the release of DEAR WANDERING WILDEBEEST and revising a novel and kind of re-evaluating how I spend my time. My father has been seriously ill, and he lives in far North Dakota, so that has been the focus of much of my energy. It's a powerful reminder of how precious time is, and how easily we let the hours and days slip away from us. So, yeah. Heavy stuff!

Meanwhile, I had intended to share a September poem from Lilian Moore's book SOMETHING NEW BEGINS, which, I ordered after Renee's amazing post about Lilian (with the help of Lee Bennett Hopkins!) at No Water River and after Laura Purdie Salas mentioned this book in particular at Teaching Authors. Thank you, ladies! I have a few more poems dog-eared to share with you in the coming weeks.

It may be October, but I am sharing the "September" poem with you today anyhow. Hey, I live in the Deep South, which means the poem is actually more accurate of October (or even November!) for me, so that's my justification. :)

by Lilian Moore

Something is bleeding
into the
the stains are freshly

and overhead.
The maple

is crimson spattered.
Summer is fatally
Soon, soon

Kind of macabre, isn't it? Beautiful, though.

And now for something lighter: our October theme over at Smack Dab in the Middle is "creepy," so I wrote creepy poem for all my writer-friends. Click here to read "Creepy Poem" by Irene Latham. Or... you can just listen. :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad, Irene. Sending hugs and healing wishes to him.

    Enjoyed, as always, hearing you read aloud. Both were surprising in good ways :).

  2. Keeping you in my heart as you work through this season. Beautiful poem by Lillian Moore. And love the way you turned a sleepless night into that "frightful" poem. Nice.

  3. Isn't Lilian Moore amazing?

    Stay strong, my friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing two wonderful poems. Sorry about your father. It's so difficult to see parents struggle.

  5. Both poems are wonderful. I don't know how I've missed Smack Dab..., but am now following! I'm sorry to hear about your father, Irene. Time is indeed precious. Best to him and to you, too.

  6. I enjoyed your Creepy Poem. Now when you get messages from us at 3 AM you'll know what we're doing.

  7. Hi Irene, sorry to hear about your dad's health. It must have made you feel of two minds, to be celebrating and worrying at once.
    Thank you for creepy September and well-lit Creepy!
    Sending you hugs!

  8. Love Lillian Moore's poem--she makes September as creepy as October! Sending you good thoughts and hopes for healing for your father.

  9. Lovely photograph of you and your sister, Irene - I'm sure you are drawing much sustenance from each other in this difficult time. I love the September poem, mournful as it is.

  10. I can imagine how you feel about your dad - mine isn't doing well, either, and I'm always wondering how he & mom are getting by, and if they need me, etc. Thanks for sharing this poem, too...I love Lillian Moore's work, and hadn't seen this one!

  11. I didn't at all expect that from Lillian Moore-- the beauty yes, the metaphor yes, but the "dark" tone no. Thanks for introducing me to that side of her. Nice to get a taste of your "creepy" side as well-- slithery taunting makes me shudder to think about. Love to you as you deal with all that heavy stuff going on in your life. xo

  12. Love the September poem too. Very vivid imaginary

  13. Hi there Irene - sending you light and laughter from Singapore and pocketful of prayers for your father to be well soon. Loved the bleeding poem.

  14. Strength isn't always muscle... It is grit, determination and pure stubbornness to overcome. In quiet ways I see strength oozing from you in everything you do.

  15. I *adore* that "September" poem. Macabre can be just perfect for kids:>) And for me, too. And your "Creepy Poem" is wonderful--I have never been a night-writer, but sometimes I wish I was...


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