Wednesday, November 19, 2014

30 Things I Love Right Now #bloglikecrazy

Boots. (Yay for winter clothes!)
Grapefruit juice.
Little House on the Prairie (re-reading for the first time as an adult!)
Planning a trip to NYC.
Conversations with my 17 year old niece.
Playing Christmas music on my fiddle.
Redeeming my Jr. Frosty coupons.
Naps, when I can get 'em.
The quilt of leaves over my front lawn.
Dove Dark chocolates.
Working on T-shirt quilt for Middle Son (will be a high school graduation gift!).
Daily conversations with my father. (Speaking of gifts...)
Parenthood on Netflix. (We are on season 2!)
BIG LITTLE LIES by Liane Moriarity.
Preparing for NCTE.
Watching the cats sleep.
Thinking about 2015.
Searching for bowls in the thrift/antique stores.
Planning Christmas gifts.
Eric's concert season.
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate lipstick.
My standing computer work station.
My work-in-progress. (Right now, this moment. Could change in the next 5  minutes!)
The way the puppy (now 6 months old) keeps finding all the long lost kids' toys in the backyard.
Glass art.

Thanks to Javacia Bowser for the  #bloglikecrazy prompt!

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