Friday, November 28, 2014

I Like Old Clothes by Mary Ann Hoberman #bloglikecrazy

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Carol at Carol's Corner for Roundup. I am still buzzing from meeting so many Poetry Friday friends at NCTE! Awesome.

Today's #bloglikecrazy prompt from Javacia Bowser is "write about an outfit you wear that makes you feel fierce."

Man, I love that word "fierce!" As for an outfit that makes me feel fierce... anything with boots. It's the boots that do it for me. :)

And since my favorite place to buy clothes is at the thrift store, I thought it would be fun today to share I LIKE OLD CLOTHES by Mary Ann Hoberman, illus. by Patrice Barton. Originally published in 1976, the book is newly adorably illustrated. It's a celebration of "clothes with a history/ clothes with a mystery." of the past lives of clothes, and the new lives we give them. I love it!

Here's a video of Mary Ann reading the poem.

Here's the Kirkus Review.

Hope everyone had a lovely Turkey Day! Anyone else not quite ready to move into Christmas gear?? Nope, not there yet... hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I don't want to do anything that involves moving.....

  2. I love this book! And I, too, am just cozy-ing around the house today. No Christmas yet. :) x

  3. Hmm...I'm trying to think of clothes that make me feel fierce...and to imagine one ounce of fierce inside of YOU!

    As for Christmas, I'm doing my best to hold it in my heart and let everyone else have the frenzy of the commercial hoo-hah.

  4. Love this picture book! I'm not sure about clothes that make me feel fierce... need to think about that. Writing this am by the light of the Christmas tree ( it's not decorated yet) and no shopping for this gal. But today I will visit my favorite indie bookstore for small business Saturday!

  5. The video was such a treat! Thanks. Longtime-lifetime hand-me-downer here, thank you.

    Oh, and Mary Lee, "Though she be but little, she is fierce..."!

  6. I must get my hands on this book. Thanks for sharing this delight, Irene! =)


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