Friday, February 6, 2015

Because Scrapbooking IS Poetry

my sister & me
Every year the women in our family gather for a scrapbooking weekend. Actually, the womenfolk vary... the two who have been there every single year since 199-something are me and my sister. So yes, I am a long-time scrapbooker!

Once upon a time I used paper and stickers and double-sided tape. These days I go completely digital. In one weekend I am able to do my family scrapbook for the entire previous year! And a blog post, apparently. :) My sister still does it the old-fashioned way.. not as speedy, but her scrapbooks are GORGEOUS.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to pop in and say hello and happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Liz at Elizabeth Steinglass for Roundup!

Here is a tiny poem I found in my morning pages... about morning pages. (For those who missed it, I am currently doing Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way with a group here in Birmingham. Loving it!)

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  1. What a great tradition! And, of course your family makes scrapbooks. I got through about age 15 in Morgan's (she just turned 23) and though I've got gazillions of pix and supplies to do Seth's (he's almost 20), I still have to make his. I was delighted to find a scrapbook store here when we moved, but just this week they are having a drastic sale to empty the shelves - the owner is retiring, and she's hoping to have time to do some scrapbooking herself!


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