Monday, April 27, 2015

ARTSPEAK! Poem #27 "Shadow's Song"

Hello, and welcome to day #27 of ARTSPEAK!, my Poem-a-Day Project for National Poetry Month 2015, in which I am writing from images found in the online collections of the National Gallery of Art and focusing on dialogue, conversations, what does the piece say? 

Just 3 more days to go!!!

Today's piece is "Woman with a Parasol" by Claude Monet.

Don't you love this one? Such gorgeous colors!! It makes one wonder... what are they looking at? What is down the hill? I think both the boy and woman have something interesting to say, but what was speaking most loudly to ME what that shadow!

Be sure to visit Jan at Bookseedstudio to see how our Progressive Poem is winding down!

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  1. Irene - I love your poems more and more every single day. You are a shape-shifter! xxoo


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