Monday, April 6, 2015

ARTSPEAK! Poem #6 "Mother Chicken's Plea"

Hello, and welcome to day #6 of ARTSPEAK!, my 2015 Poem-a-Day Project for National Poetry Month 2015, in which I am writing from images found in the online collections of the National Gallery of Art and focusing on dialogue, conversations, what does the piece say?

Today's piece is "The Sick Chicken" by Winslow Homer.

I worked for quite a while on this poem from the little sick chick's perspective, but I never could get it to work quite right. One of the problems for me using that point of view was how little a newly-hatched chick would know about the world. The poem kept getting shorter and shorter -- until I switched my focus.

See how that Mama chick is looking up so expectantly... as if she knows exactly what is going on? Having had some experience keeping chickens, I know how fragile these new babies can be! And then, there it was, the poem that wanted to be written:

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    Thank you for loving up my chickadees,
    I feel bonded for life with your human
    Chickadees as well, especially when they
    Caress these weary feathers of mine.
    In a world drenched with violence,
    I’m thankful my family is safe
    On your blessed patch of land.

    (c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

  2. By the way, Irene, you're knocking these out of the park. I especially love that last stanza.

  3. You're teaching me that the right POV is so important, Irene! This is lovely, that last part about being back in the shell speaks to everyone doesn't it?

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  5. I am really enjoying your poetry from the picture prompts. I agree with Linda. I especially love reading about your thinking. Terrific. And very helpful to all ages of poets. Thank you, Irene.
    Janet F./ Janet Clare

  6. Such a sweetness and trust, one species in another. I love that. This reminds me of having chicks - and lambs - and hearing the phrase, "Sick sheep seldom survive." But there is always hope. Your gentle poems remind us of this. xo

  7. I feel for this mama chicken! And the small chick, whom the odds are against. Thanks for the discussion of perspective, and for your terrific project this year!

  8. Love this one! I am so appreciative that we are friends and I can learn from you, Irene.


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