Friday, July 17, 2015

The Poetry That is Camp Buttercup

Hello, and happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Roundup.

Last week at our house was Camp Buttercup, and annual "camp" I do with my two young nieces and youngest (turning 7 this month) sister. If that's not poetry, I don't know what is!

Also poetic: Camp Buttercup got its name from Buttercup in THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Remember the scene in the movie when the little boy says to his grandfather, "Is this a kissing book?" Well. These little girls get all giggly when the talk/movie/whatever turns to kissing. It's pretty hilarious, actually.

I did a little research, and I found a fitting "buttercup" poem:

The buttercups, bright-eyed and bold,
Held up their chalices of gold
To catch the sunshine and the dew.
        Julia C. R. Dorr—Centennial Poem. L. 165.

Also, follow this link to see an adorable sketch and "buttercup" lines from A. A. Milne.

Here are some pictures:

at Vulcan


cello lesson


outside the tea room


borrowing Aunt Irene's accessories

tubing at Buck Creek

me-n-some "bright-eyed and bold" Buttercups!


  1. Fabulous pics - looks like an incredible week!

  2. What a sweet buttercup poem by Julia Dorr! Y'all really are poetry, too :-)


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