Friday, August 21, 2015

Sharing my Summer Poem Swap Lovelies!

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Catherine at Reading to the Core for Roundup. 
I'm delighted to share with you a bounty of summer loveliness from my Summer Poem Swap poet-sisters Heidi Mordhorst, Margaret Simon, Donna Smith, Jone McCulloch and Joy Acey! THANK YOU, ALL. And to The Poem Swap Queen herself, Tabatha Yeatts, mwah!

from Donna, a poem-puzzle inspired by our Baby Tiger Encounter with Boris!

from Heidi, a jar to keep my #EveryBrilliantThings! So thoughtful!

from Jone, a short poem (of course), which I love... and YES, we're allowed to revise!
Love these summer-kiss-ery beginnings. :)

from Margaret, an inspiring "One child" poem (I will write my own soon, and put it next to Margaret's in this sweet little notebook she gave me!)

from Joy, poetry & paint to celebrate the desert experience of summer! (Little did she know one of my works in progress is set in Death Valley National Park during July!)

And now, because I can't help myself, a little poem that uses a picture I took earlier this year at Jekyll Island and borrows a line from each of their poems! Thank you, ladies!


  1. It's special to have a poem written just for you, and these are spectacularly individually yours, Irene. I love that you wrote from the lines, too.

  2. Wow -- what a gorgeous Irene-array! Had to laugh at "I'm not vicious; you're just delicious" :-) I have been using the notebook I received from Margaret a lot. Hope you have fun with yours. I love your summary, summery self-portrait with seagull!

  3. I couldn't quite swing participating this summer, but it's glorious to read and see all the treasures inspired by this truly amazing community.
    What wonderful poem-gifts you received, and of course I LOVE that you created a found poem from the lines - even including your "wild word" for the year! :0) XO

  4. Oh, Irene, I love your summer poem swap lovelies! Each one so unique and then the poem you created . . . Love every word, but especially the closing phrase - "I am wild as summer's first kiss." I think I'll have to join in next summer.

  5. How fun to see these diverse offerings! I've been too "wild" and scattered this summer to do much writing. I'm looking forward to being more scheduled, even though that means being more pinched.

  6. Thanks for sharing your summer swaps and your "found" poem. All very special.


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