Monday, December 14, 2015

12 Days of Kindness: Day One

I've been thinking a lot lately about kindness -- kindness as a lifestyle. And lo and behold, words and passages and quips about kindness have begun to follow me around.

So, as a way to celebrate all that is good and wonderful and light about the Christmas season, I've decided to share those quotes here, one a day, until Christmas.


And may the spirit of kindness fill you and spill into all the darkest places leaving behind only light.

P.S. Youngest son has a new (beautiful!) song! Yes, I am one proud mama. Here is the video:


  1. It seems that your son has taken on a life of words like his Momma, Irene. The song/video is wonderful, full of important questions, a yearning for what is good. It's a lovely start to your twelve days of kindness quotes, too.

  2. Thank you for hosting PF on this very special Friday! I "checked in" today, making sure that the link on my post is correct; that it would bring readers to your site, and what a set of surprise blessings I found! Thank you for sharing that you would go live with PF tonight! Thank you for the early Twelve Days of Kindness Christmas present! And superlative thanks for the gift of your son's video. I'm speechless! Curious to find out more about his amazing talent, I clicked on the next video (Essay) that appeared, only to be more amazed! Is he truly a 10th grader? I am beyond impressed by his repertoire of musical talents, any one of which would be amazing enough: singer, musician, composer-arranger. Praise God for all his talent that he so willingly shares. Thank God that you obviously have encouraged and supported his pursuing and fulfilling his artistic dream! I can see that he has taken your advice to heart. I can see and hear that he lives his poem! Bravo! God bless him! ...On to Day 2. p.s. If it is possible to see the lyrics, I would appreciate being able to appreciate all the poetic nuances of what your son sang!

  3. Go Eric Go! Your youngest has the gift, please tell him Uncle Charles is proud!


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