Thursday, January 28, 2016

Me & Darth Vader (or Why School Librarians Are the Best)

Guess who I met yesterday at Somerville Road Elementary School?

A bunch a great kids, librarian-extraordinaire Sally Savas, so many enthusiastic teachers ... and Darth Vader!

I'm exhausted but had to pop in to say Happy Poetry Friday! Please visit Catherine at Reading to the Core for Roundup -- and get your penguin fix with a lovely post about WHEN THE SUN SHINES ON ANTARCTICA. Thank you, Catherine! I'm so honored and grateful. xo


  1. Thank you, Irene! My students LOVE When the Sun Shines on Antarctica! We have been starting each day with reading and rereading their favorite poems. I think you'll be hearing more about this in the weeks to come...
    Thank you again for everything!

  2. Such a great interview at Catherine's today! And May the Force be With You on your travels home... :0) XO

  3. The Reading to the Core interview is -
    a fabulous peek at all things penguins, polar (articpolar) & thank you to Catherine & YOU.

    Now, what are ya stylin' there gal. D.V. is da' bomb, but you look as if you are storm trooping to. Great getup!

    And brava to Ms. Salas/Somerville Road Elementary Superstar Readers!

  4. Hello from friendlyfairytales. Great post over on the Core, and looks like you had fun with a Man in Black, too. Yeah to the readers! Best, Brenda

  5. My youngest granddaughter would have loved to have visited with you, Irene. She is in love with Darth Vader. We think it's the voice that's so inviting! Glad you had fun, and I imagine the students loved every bit of your visit.

  6. We all loved having you! Children at all age levels enjoyed your talks and meeting the author of books they have loved to read. Sally Savas- Somerville Road Elementary

  7. Thanks for the interview at Catherine's blog, Laura! You have great company in this photograph!

  8. Looking forward to your Antarctica book! Wow, where did the librarian get a Darth Vader? The kids (and quite a few adults) would go crazy for one at my library!

  9. Loved the interview over at Robyn's place!

    1. Umm...make that CATHERINE'S place...
      (Just read Billy Collins' forgetting poem at LPSalas''s very real to me. Very real.)

  10. To quote Poetry Alive! Metaphors Be With You! :-)

  11. To quote Poetry Alive! Metaphors Be With You! :-)


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