Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Little Gee's Bend in Decatur, AL

Last week it was my great privilege to share LEAVING GEE'S BEND with readers of all ages in Decatur, AL, as part of their "River Reads" series.
Book adventures are always more fun with a friend!

I'm so honored they selected LEAVING GEE'S BEND! It was great fun to share my adventures and Ludelphia's story with Somerville Road Elementary, Walter Jackson Elementary and the Decatur Public Library. Big thanks to Beth Young for all your work on the project! And thank you, readers, for coming out, asking great questions, and making me feel so very welcome. Your enthusiasm reminded me of all the reasons I was drawn to this story in the first place. And I am so excited for your visits this month with the quilters!

Here are a few pictures, which I wouldn't have if not for my dear friend Pat Weaver accompanying me. Thank you, Pat! Mwah!:
students at Somerville Road Elementary

me and librarian Sally Savas

me and Kim Mitchell, at Carnegie Visual Art Center (with Gee's Bend quilt!)

Gee's Bend quilt on display
Rhonda, Beth, Stephanie and me at library.
(Later Beth and her mom took us out to Bob Gibson's BBQ... yum!)

Enthusiastic quilter in audience at Decatur Public Library

Students at Walter Jackson Elementary

librarian Todd McDonald, me and principal Rhonda Reece
(Walter Jackson Elementary)

quilt square from the community quilt project

And finally, this is why I love libraries: books and a wall quilt and computers and flags and a GIANT SNAKE to inspire wonder and magic! 

So much fun! Thanks to all!! And if you've made it this far... I also have a post over at Smack Dab today, on the topic of "hibernation." 


  1. wow didn't realize those two days were filled with color. those kids inspired me and for sure the quilters wasn't that quilt square beautiful. Some you may not have heard because the room was packed but the back side of that piece had newspaper... that's right pieced on paper and the lady holding it was the granddaughter of the person that pieced it. What stories those quilt pieces could tell

  2. Lucky students, both younger and of a certain age. ;-)

    What a fun-filled time! LATHAM POWER!


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