Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Things to Do with Teens in L.A.

This past spring we traveled with our younger sons, ages 16 and 19, to L.A. We went mainly to introduce the city to our rapper/producer/engineer/drummer/percussionist, who imagines his musical life may someday take him to that shiny place. And maybe it will.

But.  Perhaps the best thing that came out of the trip was his discovery that L.A. may be shiny, but as a place of residence, it doesn't suit him -- he said it was too big, too crazy, too hard to get around. (We spent A LOT of time in the car.) Maybe the music scene in Nashville will be a better fit? We'll see.

Meanwhile, we we did do some really cool things in L.A. that both sons enjoyed, so I am happy to share them with you here!

I know, this looks like a place for old folks. And yes, the salads cost $30 each. But the ambience is all Hollywood, and who knows who you might see? (We saw George Hamilton of the perpetual tan there on a trip a few years back, but no one this trip.) The guys said they really felt like we were on vacation. Get the sundae for the dessert.

What fun to journey through the history of music! Lots of hands-on, listening experiences, and booths for every phase of music production. Plus, you get to hold an actual Grammy!

me and Paul at Central Perk!
(Years ago we went to a live taping of a FRIENDS episode... fun!)
I really can't believe how much fun this place was. Harry Potter collections and Ellen's soundstage, and the giant warehouses where they store all the props... we took more pictures here than any other place we visited. Plus I think Eric wants to work there now. :)

This pic isn't from the show, but from one of the junk shops
 near Grauman's Chinese Theatre. (We also shopped
at a few thrift stores around town, which was also fun!)

We saw a "Cooking with Gas" show, and it was hysterical! We still talk about one of the bits that came out of that show... definitely a highlight of our trip.

We made this a priority because my father said it was one of his favorite places in the area. He loved the landscape and the history and the man... and I must say, it was especially fun during an election year -- nice balance of fact and beauty... not everyday you get to board Air Force One.

Actually, we did go to Santa Monica, and it's great for people watching... but SO MANY PEOPLE! We all loved our time at El Matador way more.

  • Get in line for the best hotdog you will ever eat at Pink's Hot Dog stand.

All the dogs are named after famous people -- and they're all good! (At least the ones we had were good!) Super fun!

We also spent one of our mornings on a lovely hike with dear friend April Halprin Wayland and her dog Eli. Lucky us!
Eli and the Pacific Ocean


  1. That sounds like a fantastic trip! How great you could go together -- and your son find it's not where he wants to live. Yay for trying things out. And some pictures to treasure.

  2. What a full, enriching experience! And meeting up with April Halprin Wayland? Wow. You're having a great summer, Irene. You deserve it so much.


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